Out to Hunt

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: People die hunting that gemstone

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“People die hunting that gemstone.” The drawer closed with the same amount of finality as Halline shoved it closed in exasperation at her aunt’s warning. Rounding, she pressed the armload of tunics and trousers to her chest. A poor shield, but the best she had.

The woman stood in the of Halline’s bedchamber worrying a corner of her shawl. Her expression Halline had imaged from her tone. No scowl, merely nervous tension. Even so, she knew the intent was to keep her home.

Shrugging Halline stepped around her to reach the bed and open bag on it. Sorting through the clothing she quickly crammed what she’d need within. “Rumors. I won’t be halted by rumors.”

“But you will be halted by death.” The breaking tremble in her aunt’s voice snapped against Halline.

Stopping, she turned and grabbed her aunt in a hug. “I shall not die hunting the gemstone.” Taking a step back she smiled. “But I will return with tales.”

“That is what your mother said.” The woman did know how to sting with words.

Halline looked from her, out her window, and to the graveyard across the square. She knew the headstone there beneath which lay no coffin.

Her mother had gone after the same gemstone and not returned in three and twenty years. Her mother had been called a fool then.

By the same sister.

Halline kissed her aunt’s cheek. “I am going.” She grabbed her pack from the bed ignoring her aunt’s continued protests.

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