I only ever met one person I'd call truly brave

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Calder is back again! Need to catch up on his previous exploits? Read about them here.

Perdyn winced as the guard’s voice carried. Far enough, in fact, two more guards poked out at the ruckus. They meandered more with curiosity than alarm. Perdyn couldn’t she afford for them to get too inquisitive. She turned her horse returning the guards’ attention to her. Shrugging, her cloak slipped over one shoulder.

The two guards snapped to attention. “Commander,” the first said. “We hadn’t heard you were in the area.” The other two halted at a distance, glanced between each other, and saluted as well.

“I trust everything is in order?” Perdyn flicked her reigns over one hand.

“Yes, Commander.” The two guards answered in unison.

She nodded curtly and flicked her gaze to the barricade. The guards bolted away moving the wood out of their path without another word. Yalena motioned Caldar and Sorrell to proceed and looked over the soldiers again.

“Son, I’ve only known one truly brave person.” Perdyn nudged her horse into motion. “Hope you never have to meet one.” Her voice broke on the last word. She shoved Yelena’s ghost from her.

Caldar and Sorrell had paused beyond the torch light and she motioned them to follow, not bothering to stop.

“They’ll report us traveling together.” Caldar grumbled as he fell in beside her.

Perdyn glanced at him and shrugged. “Couldn’t be helped.” She paused and grinned. “There is one point of grace.” Caldar raised an eyebrow. “They were so busy gawking at you that not one spotted Sorrell.” Caldar barked a laugh.

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