Missing Halloween Costume

How could their neighbors ask that

Today I am combining both my Wednesday Words prompt and the Fyretober prompt. Enjoy my Wednesday Words and day 20 entry in Fyrecon’s Fyretober!

I knew I failed at controlling my shock at the audacity of the Arkwright’s question. I’d never thought that a mouth hanging open in shock could be a real reaction, just farce shown in movies. But I was doing it. How could my neighbors ask that?

“No.” I emphatically shook my head.

Mrs. Arkwright frowned looking down and patting the chubby hand holding her own. I yanked my gaze back up and scowled at Mr. Arkwright before I could saw the face belonging to that hand. No, they would not manipulate me again.

“Look Nita,” Mr. Arkwright said falling into the informality he knew I disapproved of, “You couldn’t possibly want our Buck to be the only child to not participate in the stations Halloween parade.

Parade was a generous term. The stations corridors weren’t wide enough for people to stand and watch, children to march through, and allow vital systems operations to continue. No, instead each child participated by marching on their halo treadmills while technical combined the images for the parents to view from their quarters. And leaving comm systems open everywhere creating a discordant mess.

“Sooooo… you’d rather I give you Tabi’s costume so she’s the one left out?” I must have misunderstood. They couldn’t be that audacious.

“Yes,” Mrs. Arkwright said bluntly. “You work in assembly. I’m sure you can–”

I leaned on the button to close the door, swooshing it shut before I had to list to more. Apparently, they could be that audacious.

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