Was it really him

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. This time Calder is back. Need to catch up on his previous exploits? Read about them here.

Perdyn frowned. Torches burned illuminating the makeshift gate barring the path. This would complicate things. “You didn’t mention the checkpoints.” Caldar had turned to glower at her as they slowed their horses.

She shrugged. The checkpoint hadn’t been here when she’d passed through week ago.

“Should we go around?” Sorrell voice rose slightly beside her. Perdyn closed her mouth on a laugh. Sorrell had the least to fear from a checkpoint. Not that she needed to worry. Caldar however. . .

“Pull your hood up.” Sorrell glanced at her and scrambled. “Hello,” she bellowed letting the smile carry to her voice.

“Hello,” a soldier returned. “Prepare to halt.”

“And here I was planning to ride straight through.” Caldar mumbled as Perdyn came even with him.

“Hush.” She tapped his arm. Caldar fell back and Perdyn returned her attention to the guards.

“State your business.” A board guard said holding a slate.

“Returning from Rhykath district.”

“Rhykath?” The guard peered up at her. “What took you to that backwater?”

She twisted as Caldar began to grumble. He shrugged. “Visiting a friend.” A second guard appeared from a hut, igniting a torch and meandering toward their group.

“Eh, must be some friend.” The guard turned his head to the side and spit.

“He is.” Perdyn shrugged. “But I prefer the comforts of Traleseth.”

The first guard glanced over his shoulder and snorted. “Who wouldn’t.”

The second guard stopped beside Caldar and gasped. “You’re him! Right?” Caldar rolled his eyes at Perdyn.

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