Friend of Ignorance

I am the friend of ignorance and the partner of sanity

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The glass beads were warm as Ryany pushed them aside entering the Ebony Bowl. Thick smoke wafted about, shoving against each other in a hazy maze. Ryany coughed at the mixture of the sweet and acrid stench.

Behind a thick wooden bar, a man balanced on a chair’s hind two legs. A languid grin crossed his face as she approached. “Greetings!” The chair thudded on the floor as he stood, pressing his hands on the counter for balance. “I am the friend of ignorance and the partner of sanity.” His eyes moved over Ryany. “What escape may we offer?”

Ryany folded one arm behind her back, sweeping her cloak open. The man’s eyes flicked to the Narder seal above her heart. “I’m looking for Piersym.” She dropped her other hand to her waist.

His eyes flicked at the name. Leaning over, he slide a hand closer. “Couldn’t say, but I can help disperse your–”

His words cut off she slammed her knife between his splayed fingers, grabbing his wrist with her other hand. “The princess. Now.” She leaned closer, tilting the blade toward his fingers.

The man gulped. “Of course.” He pointed at the door three down. Ryany nodded and turned toward the room.

Inside the room glowing ember lit the black bowl the place was known for, white smoke belching from it. Piersym raised her head from the bowl with unfocused eyes.

Ryany sighed. Of course she’d done this today. Her betrothed was to arrive any minute.

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