Eyes Watching

The red eyes appeared in the bush

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I scowled when the red eyes appeared in the bush. Thankfully Cole’s had his back to it. I grabbed his arm, when he started to turn, perhaps catching my gaze flick from him to the eyes. His words trailed off into silence and I was chagrined to realize I’d lost the trail of what he’d been saying as well.

“Uhhh, tell me more about your breakthrough again.” I kept him turned toward me as I dragged him away from the offending bush. I waved my free hand frantically at the eyes, only daring to glance back with a scowl once Cole looked forward, his eyes growing distant.

“Well, as you know the Jeres used a particularly surprising mix of magic and ethera to forge Kautlan…” He paused glancing at me. I forced a broad smile over my face and nodded encouragingly even as I remembered why I’d lost this topic so easily.

Cole forged ahead. His hands joining the discourse did little to raise my interest levels from practically none.

I glanced back, and the red eyes blinked at me from the shadows of the bush. Getting overly excited about Kautlan theories proved difficult now. Probably because one of their living statues had adopted me, threatening to change me from researcher to the researched.

I bared my teeth at the creature and it blinked once more before vanishing. If only I dared believe it was gone for good.

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