Derision’s Revenge

Word Prompt: I saw a boy with a hat

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Can you believe it?” The level of disdain caught Jerel’s notice as he meandered through nobles loitering before the palace gates in a parade of finery and frivolity.

“I know,” a second voice chimed in as Jerel slit the bottom of a Sapphire’s purse. “I saw a boy with a hat just outside the temple’s grounds.”

Jerel smiled as a noble turned toward him, the Sapphire he’d just robbed. Inclining his head, he ambled away as if searching the crowds for his Lord or Lady.

Not Jerel. He hunted for fools, and one set had kindly revealed themselves. Better still, they didn’t bother to lower their voices.

The pair of Ruby lords chattering away as servants struggled to erect a canopy, unroll rugs, and set out chairs. A waste. They’d taken it down again before midday.

Fortunately for Jerel, pouches hung low over each man’s hip. Eying the servants, he darted forward, just as two collided. Ducking before tumbling platters, Jerel stumbled into the first lord.

The collision was followed by a flurry of apologies, and knife flick, and backing away.

Straight into the second lord.

“Oaf!” The second man grabbed Jerel’s lapel and shoved him away, in a slow jerky movement that left plenty of time for Jerel to slit his purse as well.

Doubling over, he bowed as he stashed the two lords’ coins already forgotten by the pair. He ran a finger over one of the coins and grinned. Just as well. He had a boy to find.

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