Dandelion Fluff

Author Jenna Eatough's Flash Fiction Story from writing prompt: I wish I could tell you

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Moonglow lit the courtyard. Tarinne lifted her gaze as heavy bootfalls echoed off the stone walls. Pavel, back again. Back as he had returned every night for seasons. Back to ask the same question again.

Tarinne returned her gaze to the dandelion cupped in her hand. The yellow flower had faded already leaving behind a pure white seedhead. Lovely and plain at once. She remained focused on the seeds and not the boots stopped on her right.

“Tarinne?” Pavel barked far too quickly. He’d let his irritation through.

Unheeding his demand in the word, Tarinne raised the stalked to her left and moonlight filled the white fluff.

“Tarinne,” Pavel said again. He’s modulated his voice calmly that time. She wondered what swallowing his temper had cost him. “Tarinne I must know where Salcine has gone.”

Raising the flower higher I shook my head. “I wish I could tell you.” I took a breath and, releasing it suddenly, the seeds scattered onto the wind. “But I can no more tell you, than you can recall these seeds.”

Pavel growled.

Tarinne rose to her feet.

Turning her back on Pavel, she strolled toward the tower, her prison. Pavel called after her. Glancing back, she saw the mist of dandelion fluff swirl between them.

Anger had turned to desperation. Desperation she did not share. He needed Salcine back to secure his rule. Tarinne needed to keep hope alive. She grinned. Hope floated on the wind.

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