Conversation’s End

Sorry I hung up on you
Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Gravel churned beneath as I fled to the forest. Behind me the castle soared on the horizon, a dream turned nightmare. I wish I’d never spoken with him. Now, I didn’t even have his name to curse.

Our correspondence had started innocently when the dish’s lid shifted upon bumping my master’s table. His voice washed over me, a rumble accusing the wizard of deliberate neglect. I’d felt power at his chagrin upon learned I wasn’t the wizard.

The second time, unable to forget his voice I’d gone back. He greeted my tentative hello with enthusiasm. We’d conversed all night and every night after.

He remained a mystery though. Laughing guesses of his appearance. Confirming only that he couldn’t be seen with the wizard. Or me.

Wandered on errands I’d examined those passing. Was that him? What power could a man have to scare a wizard?

Then last night happened. After overturning a shelf full of beakers earning a slap and glower, I’d gone to him. Tearily I’d sought his comfort. Instead, I found his raged. He promising rend every stone down. “Stay away,” I gasped. “I’m fleeing the castle. I won’t be here.”

I brushed renewed tears away and a claw grasped me. My stomach churned pulled skyward until a dragon locked eye on me. “Why did you break our conversation?” The voice washed over me a familiar rumble.

Why did the wizard have a line to a dragon? “I’m sorry.” The insufficient words were all I could think of.

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