Christmas Caring

Short Story Title: A Magical Eve
Christmas Caring with A Magical Eve Short Story by Author Jenna Eatough
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"I want a glass of milk.” Heidi sighed looking over at Andy who was sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. His bright red Christmas jammies almost matched the color of his face. The happy snowman’s expression did not at all. A tantrum was coming and, of course, her husband Braden was at the store getting eggs to replace what Andy had broken.

Wringing the last bit of raw yolk from the washcloth Heidi shook her head. “You’ve had enough today.” Setting down the rag she knelt in front of Andy. “Do you want Santa to come?”

While the question forestalled a wail, it hadn’t averted it completely. He still had that distrustful glint in his eyes. Lips turned down, he nodded his head as he twisted the pant cuff in his hands.

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Authors: Jenna Eatough, Kevin J. Anderson, Kirsten Osbourne, David Farland, Patricia PacJac Carroll, Peggy L Henderson, Carra Copelin, Lorena Dove, L.L. Muir, Carolyn Martin, Linda Hubalek, CJ Samuels, Margery Scott, Debra Holland, Janelle Daniels, Ray Anselmo, Marie Piper, Sam Knight, Kit Morgan, Margaret Tanner, Rain Trueax, Kirsten Lynn, Jaclyn Weist
Date: 2015

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