You have been banned from existence

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Ash tossed his pillow at the system incessantly chirping away. Rubbing tired eyes, he grumbled at the device. The pulsating light invaded his consciousness, unfamiliar.

Ash scratched behind his ear. He was familiar with red, yellow, green, and even the rare white, that he’d never seen that flash black before. He the space bar in quick succession. The computer remained stubbornly dormant.

“Bloody piece of…” his mattering halted as the screen flared life. Forehead scrunching and nose twitching, Ash stared at the words blazed across the screen.

You have been banned from existence. Have a nice day.

“Banned?” Ash asked of no one in particular. He threw the tangled blanket to the side rising I’m headed for the door. If this was Joe’s idea of a joke, their supervisors would hear about it. After last night’s brawl he wasn’t in the mood.

The door didn’t budge. The screen hum and went dead. The fluorescent light above cutoff leaving the room in silence. Ash’s Hands flew off the handle as he yanked again, sending him reeling backwards. His back slamming against the far wall.

The rumors or techs being cut off for various excuses flooded back. Cut off from existence. Trapped in rooms behind doors never opened.

No. They couldn’t do this.

Rising, he beat the door, but Ash knew how thick it was. No one would hear him. Metal groaned behind him. Twisting Ash, stared at the gap in the solid wall. A gnarled hand poked through, beckoning him.

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