She climbed onto a post box to get a better look

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Flossie scowled at the crowd milling in the predawn gloom. Their soft murmur was drowned by the roaring train. Closer. She had to get closer before Felix made his appearance. Elbows struck her, shoving her backward.

Fine. Not forward then. Flossie climbed onto a post box as the train chugged to a halt as belching smoke consumed its form. The wind yanked the smoke away.

The door opened and silence rippled through the crowd. Flossie could feel their anticipation thrum through her. She snorted. He always had craved spectacle.

Felix appeared at the door, a black shadow at first until the few exterior lamps still burning illuminated his features, the cape draped over one shoulder, and his cloying smile. His automaton clomped out behind him, steam hissing and lights flashing as it straightened to tower over the train and crowd.

The silence broke into cheers and arms waiving with drunken excitement. Flossie watched Felix feeding off their excitement.

Until he saw her.

His smile faltered, before returning to a ridged displaying of cheeriness his eyes no longer shared. “I see you,” Flossie mouthed the words. He would hear her.

The mayor appeared at Felix’s elbow, tugging at his sleeve to lead them to the nearby podium. With his back to her Flossie still heard the words return, “I see you.”

Grinning, she dropped off the postbox and disappeared into the crowd. Opening the pouch at her hip she grinned at her own automation. “Let the games begin.”

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