A Long Route

She turned down the street

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Thewyn leaned against a wall. Her boot left a smeared hollow in the mud, and her left rested against the building. If Dwayde hadn’t known better, he’d called her relaxed.

He knew better.

Probably better than most. Normally she’d have shown the tuffs her knives rather than hover about appraisingly unchallenged. Dwayde pulled out his and tossed it whistling as he strolled over.

The tuffs faded away as he leaned next to her. Thewyn didn’t stir though.

“You found her?” He didn’t bother with a name. Thewyn’s hadn’t focused on anything else since rumor hit the circle. Thewyn’s sister was back.

Thewyn might’ve been stone for all she reacted to his arrival. Tucking the knife away, he reached for her shoulder.

“She turned down the street.” Thewyn’s words were a rush of startling sound.

Dwayde withdraw his hand. “The street?” He pressed his head against the wall looking. The buildings showed the rougher crowd that called here home, but this weren’t the worst of town.

He stopped, gaze catching the narrow alley between the hostel and apothecary. “No, not…”

“Yep,” Thewyn said.

“What are you going to do?”

Thewyn shrugged. “What else can I do? I’m going after her.”

“But that’s suicide.”

Thewyn’s eyes narrowed as she smiled dangerously. “Not with your help.”

Dwayde pulled away from the wall. His hand going back to his knife even as Cydric’s words echoed in his mind. “Bring her back. She will be here to greet Red.”

Dwayde gulped. “Where do we start?”

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