Here you can find a few links of interest to me, things I’ve blogged about, or of wonderful people I know. It’s a few corners of the web I enjoy haunting.


DawnRay Ammon, is a reader living in the writing world. She also does amazing artwork and is a great friend.

Heather Bond, photographer and friend. Visit her website, HMBond Photography, to what her photography is about.

Bobbie Berendson, artist extraordinary. Visit her website, Metallic Visions, to get a sample of her work and shop!

Jaleta Clegg, author. A great writer and an old friend.

David Farland gives some amazing writing tips on his blog. Be sure to check back often.


Life the Universe and Everything Symposium , or just LTUE for short. It is the longest student-run, academic, symposium on Science Fiction and Fantasy in the nation. Or so they have heard.

Sibyl’s Scriptorium, or SibScript for short, is the collection of the contests sponsored by LTUE and annual publication. The contests are Æther Illustration Contest, DragonComet Short Story Contest, and Odyssey Poetry Contest. Get your creativity going and enter.

WonHundred Word Wednesdays is on Pinterest! Stop by here for another way to find out which writers are up to what. At least those who have found their way over.

Writer’s of the Future and its sister contest Illustrator’s of the Future give amazing opportunities to amateur authors and artists. If you love creating or reading science fiction and fantasy, be sure to check these contests out.


Lord of the Rings Online. A fantasy MMORPG that should be obvious from the title.

Guild Wars. Another MMORPG which includes both great PvE play and PvP. Plus it’s free to play.