Woven Webs

Never tell the truth when a lie will

What is WonHundred Word Wednesdays? It’s when a group of amazing authors and I write 100 word stories all based on the same short prompt and post them. All the variations are fun to read.

Flipping a coin, I snatched it mid rotation winking at the kid watching. I had him enthralled. An apprentice would be nice. “Never tell the truth when a lie will—” The words closed off as the rope jerked around my neck.

“Do,” a voice hissed. The pressure released as quickly as it’d come. The rope burned as it was yanked away.

Turning, I grabbed at my knife. A futile gesture considering who waited. Enforcer Jeree herself. Heh. I hadn’t expected her to discover my directions deception so fast.

“But who decides when?” she drew her misericorde as she spoke.

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