If we stick to the story, they can't prove anything

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write as part of a group based on the same short prompt and post them. Here’s my contribution.

“What kind of idiotic proposal is that?” The other genii nodded in the various mirrors.

“A workable kind. If we remain united.” Ozzara quipped.

Kibbaa said “There are some magics worth protecting.”

Zuda, the eldest, nodded. Barely perceptible against his bottle’s chaotic color scheme.

“Sothin should’ve remained silent.” I glared at that genie. Telling a mortal of our wish granting? What’d he thought?

“The past is past. Much future lies ahead. We must stand together.” Zuda said.

With nods one by one my kin’s mirrors went blank. Finally, I nodded too unconvinced anyone would believe our wishes couldn’t affect love.

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