It was never going to be a ordinary day

This week the flash fiction delves into a flash of starting a new job. What is your worst experience with starting at a new workplace?

Frank stopped abruptly at a cubicle. Spinning to face me, he smiled disconcertingly. “You’ll be working here.” I squeezed past him and pulled open a drawer. “Any questions? No. Great.”

I looked up in time to see Frank at the other end of the room and heading for the door. Who knew he could move that fast?

Plopping into my chair, I glanced at the welcome packet. I groaned when I flipped it open. It held my starting username and password. And nothing else. “Well, who do I ask questions about what to expect.”

“No one. There aren’t ordinary days here.” I jumped. Standing, I peered over the partition. A woman sat slumped in a chair in the next cubicle, headphones sitting around her neck. She glanced at me before refocusing on her monitor. “Can’t expect what the kids come up with.

“Hi, I’m–”

“Zoey, I know.” She twisted raising her hand without taking her eyes from the monitor. “I’m Liz. Welcome to Fantasy Creations.”

She dropped her hand after the briefest of shake. “You might want to get on sector 8.”

“Sector 8?” I blinked.

“Yeah,” Liz said. “You’re in charge there.”

“But I haven’t even–”

“Sink or swin.” Liz shrugged. “You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have the skills.”

I glowered, but Liz didn’t bother to look. Plopping into my chair, I pulled up my screen and paled. How had the kids gotten the dinosaur in the volcano?

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