That one word unsettled her more than anything else had

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story. I hope you enjoy this week’s contribution.

Ryann paused, her hand above one word among lines carved into the cavern’s wall. Every test marked it genuine, but it couldn’t be. Stepping back, she bumped against Marin.

His hands grasped her shoulders, steadying. “You can see why I called you here.”

Nodding, Ryann turned away from the inscription. “I can see why.” Glancing back, she shook her head. “I also can’t see why.”

“What do you mean.”

“It’s a warning.” Her name stood out to her. “Me being here causes . . .” The line was long eroded. “Something.”

“Perhaps it’s a promise.” The blade pricked her throat.

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