Wandering Minds

Word Prompt: Something wasn't quite right about the window

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“Mav,” I repeated weary from repeated attempts to gain her attention. She stood with her back to me. Gray hair dangled chaotically from her bun. “Mav.”

She still didn’t turn, but at least she spoke. “Something wasn’t quite right about the window.”

The only thing wrong was her incessantly staring out it. Breathing deeply, I counted before responding. “The car’s here. We need to go.”

Mav hummed, her voice breaking slightly, giving a hiccup to the sound. “No not right at all.”

I reached toward Mav and hesitated. One did not just touch Mav. No, not the grand mage of the Farthel Order, holder of untold wisdom and power or years.

Too many years. Her mind wandered now. Dangerously. I’d been sent to retrieve her because they said I had experience. She knew me. She’d trained me. Long ago.

Who else could they send?

How could one contain the ocean?

Sighing, I touched her shoulder. Power surged from Mav into me as if a channel ripped open. That blasted window rippled in my vision showing not Mav’s neighborhood but somewhere else.

A horse trotted by. A man hurried past swinging a lantern from a long pole. The waiting car had vanished.

Mav grabbed my wrist. “Oh, I know! We’re here, not there.” She stepped forward pulling me stumbling after her.

I held my breath as the glass passed about me. A moment and I was through staring wide-eyed at the cobbled street. “Mav,” I whispered, “what did you do?”

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