Oh my, such pure kindness

Here’s a bit of midweek flash fiction for your enjoyment.

Mamie clamped her jaws together and forced a smile. She gasped the mug in her hands, pleasantly warm if the soup was not pleasant to taste. Still… “Such kindness, sharing your meal.”

Eilza sniffed sipped of her own drink as a cold drift tore what little heat the fire had managed since the last gust. She bobbed her head and shifted her grip on her mug.

“I didn’t know what I was going to do. Storm rolled in fast and no shelter anywhere else nearby.” Mamie let her prattle trail off as the girl still didn’t respond beyond a stiff smile. “Here let me pay you back for it.” She reached for her pocket and one of the coins she carried.

Eliza finally perked up. “Oh no!” She put her hand on Mamie’s arm. “I couldn’t.” She shook her head. “Nothing out here to spend it on, besides.” She stopped biting her lip.

Mamie forced another smile and let the coin fall back into her pocket. “Such kindness,” she repeated. Such kindness she hadn’t had the misfortune of seeing in nearly a century.

Mamie wasn’t the foolish, young fairy godmother hoping to find such a soul. She’d learned long ago that sort were headaches. “Surely there must be something you want.”

The girl took a deep breath but didn’t speak when she opened her mouth. Instead she blushed and ducked her head. Yes, this girl was going to be trouble.

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