Trading Places

I didn't do it

A bit of steampunk for you week and denials of guilt. Enjoy the latest peak into Ollie’s world.

“Oh no.” Ollie crossed her arms and glowered at Timothy Morrow. “I ain’t taking the blame for this one.”

Timothy scowled as he watched Josephine amble down the row pausing at shops to squeak in delight at some trinket or another. “Well, it wasn’t my idea to take her shopping.”

“And I didn’t do it.” Ollie snorted. “Just woke up to find her gone and found her,” she waved her hands at the row in disgust, “here.”

“So, you didn’t do it, and I didn’t do it.” Timothy shrugged. “What do we do about it.”

Ollie hopped off the barrel she’d been sitting on and clamped Timothy on the shoulder. “I guess that’s your worry now.” She tucked her arms behind her back and started to stride away.

“Ollie!” Timothy cried and gapped after her.

“What?” She spun on one foot with a hop to grin at him. “I’ve got to met up with Alessia. Can’t leave her hanging, now can I?”

Timothy clamped his mouth closed and glowered. He knew she might have meant that figuratively. But knowing Ollie it might have been literally as well. Gulping he turned to chase after Josephine.

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