To Master Fire

I stared at the flames that

Welcome to Time Warp Saturday. I join the WonHundred Word Wednesday group after it had begun. For the several weeks I will be doing posts for the prompts from before I began. Here is my entry for April 30, 2014.

I’d been chosen, brought from the dirt and hovels of the clans. Borne by the wise ones to their temple and trained to be one with flames. I’d succeeded, no dominated every test given. Fire was life, and I’d proven myself its master.


I stared at the flames that burned my mind of creativity. I’d been instructed to draw glory from within this? The campfire smoked as if the wood had been soaked by three days of spring rain. It was crude. That was the point, I realized. Despite my escape, at training’s end this is where I’d return.

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