The Prize

She waited to see who would win

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

May opened her fan. If the day wasn’t going to provide a breeze she’d try whipping up the heat drunk air herself.

“Scorching, isn’t it?” Eula said idly.

“Hmm,” May hummed detachedly. She glanced over the plain the stands viewed. Yes, there was the trail of steam headed this way.

Eula sprung to her feet. “Oh, I hope it’s Mr. Knapp wins,” she said her skirts bouncing with her excitement. “He’s handsome.”

May laughed as she continued to fan herself. Either could win. Boys racing for the prize of her hand. May they be happy with what she gifted them.

The vehicles chugged closer, steam and desert dirt trailing behind them. The leader, Foley or Knapp, changed moment to moment. May pursed her lips. At least shortly this would be over.

The two cars roared across the finish line to rumbled to a stop before the stands.

Curtis officiating the race stepped forward and bowed before the stands. “Mr. Foley is our victor,” he said. The crowed behind her rumbled a mixed reaction. Eula groaned beside her, “But he isn’t handsome at all.”

Foley took a moment to smirk at Knapp before bowing to May. Rising, May took the steps down from her box to stand before Knapp. He smirked at her extending his hand.

May slapped Foley across the face. He stepped back stunned. “As if I am a prize.” Gathering her skirts, she grabbed Mr. Curtis’ arm and stalked away. The day’s heat was shamed by her fury.

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