Subject to Interpretation

I'd proposed to the wrong man

I hope everyone has had a great week. Mine has included travels and new experiences. Fortunately, nothing quite as frustrating as my characters face. Enjoy this week’s story!

I looked at the man across the alter from me and frowned. He fit every iota of the prophecy Gram Heida had bestowed upon me to save the kingdom. Turning away Stefrov, I looked over the crowd to gran standing at my shoulder and tugging on my gown like a child ignored two seconds. “What do you mean he isn’t the one.”

“I mean he isn’t the one.” Her eyes bulged with each word in emphasis.

Grabbing Gram’s arm, I turned her about and marched out of the chamber, straight into a side chamber, and slammed the door closed before anyone could follow.

“He’s a farmer’s son, humble origins.”

She nodded her head quick. “True.”

“His eyes are the darkest blue. You can’t see the blue without staring.” I should know, I’d done enough the last week.

“True.” Nod.

“Stars, he survived the maze.”

“Mostly true.”

I blinked and frowned. “Mostly true?”

Gran shrugged and looked away as if embarrassed. “He had help.”

“Help?” I said. “It didn’t say he couldn’t have help.”

“Okay, more like he was led.” I stopped shoulders slumping. Help was fine, but the man had to leave. “Don’t pout.” She waived her hand. “I brought his guide. Meet Yvin.” Reaching behind the screen she pulled a boy out.

Silver flecks dotted his eyes, as easily visible as his worn cloths. I dropped my head to my hand. “What am I supposed to tell them all? What am I to tell Stefrov?” Gram shrugged unhelpfully. Prophecies.

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