Still Learning

I'm still learning

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Azadtril slapped her hand over her nose as she emerged into the dome’s center. A putrid stench assaulted as did the patchwork sky, lolling boulders, and drifting water enchanted within. She supposed the pink clouds lacking any sunset hue could have been considered picturesque, the illusion vanished then moment they touched the oak.

At least now she knew the source of the smell.

She glanced about and saw clumps of apprentices racing about ahead of the myriad of deformities. In their midst at the domes center Master Donas stood with his arms raised motionlessly.

Azadtril ducked beneath a roaming fragment of cloud and strode to the Master. She stopped beside him and folded her hands in front of herself. “Master Donas.” She quirked on eyebrow upright at him.

“Ah. Dean.” he said, his voice more head in her mind than spoken. “How good of you to join my lecture.”

“And what might your lecture be on today?” His eyes shifted toward her, before returning forward. “Think quickly.” She gestured at the cloud drifting their direction.

Donas whinned. “Learning to work when frozen!”

Azadtril stepped backward. “Well?” She gestured at the cloud scant wisps away.

Donas wailed.

Snapping her fingers, she banished his spell and he fell to the ground.

Rolling over, he looked up with her, his jaw flapping like a fish out of water. “Fine I’m still learning too!”

Azadtril sniffed. “Learn elsewhere. I shan’t come again.” Turning, her robes swished about as she left the dome.

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