Star Chaser

She had followed the woman for days

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story. Here’s my contribution.

Shelley watched as the hauler creep toward Scout Station. Rosemarie wouldn’t dodge away again, not like at Ark Base. Shelley would use the company, not fight them.

Only minutes now.

The cabin lights surged. Twisting, she looked out her open hatch. Emergency lights only on dock.

“Star Chaser, prepare for immediate departure,” a harried voice came through the com. She swore hitting the controls.

“Negative. Business not complete,” she said. “Repeat negative.”

“Not an option.” Disconnecting tubes hissed loudly. She slapped the hatch closed belting herself in. The ship twisted like her chances as she was shoved back into space.

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