Springtide Lost

Word Prompt: With his robe and his green lantern

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Zave rubbed his temples viewing the disarray of belongings left in the wake of his frenzied search. Frenzied and unfruitful. He hadn’t found his garb and the festival began soon.

The chamber’s door creaked open. Zave glanced as Jaswyn backed into the room balancing a laden tray in both hands. “Now you’ll not be running without a meal tucked in–” She scrunched her mouth sideways as she looked at the mess. “Dare I ask?”

Zave dropped his hands which smacked his legs heavily. “Dare you ask? Dare you ask?” Stepping over the nearest pile, Zave wove into a stumbling circuit of the room. “The festival is about to start.”

“Yes, as it does every year.”

“And I’ve searched. And searched. And searched.”

“I can see that, but whatever for?”

“And I cannot find my garb anywhere!” He flung his hands up. Jaswyn walked past him wordlessly. “This will be an unmitigated disaster. A life festival cannot occur without the Springtide Lord. And you can’t have a Springtide Lord without his…” He spun around and trailed off.

Jaswyn grinned lopsidedly at him. “The Springtide Lord must preside with his robe and his green lantern.” She held each object up and pressed them into his hands, stealing a quick kiss. “Fortunately, I stashed them away.” She smacked his shoulder and stepped back. “Now get ready and be gone before they think the year cursed.”

Taking the items Zave grinned turning away. One day he’d figure out which fold she hid things in.

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