The disease had cropped up in five different towns

This week we’re delving into a bit of fantasy with the flash fiction as the character searches. What have you wanted to find and dreaded?

Examiner Arndt Elias stuffed his hands in his pockets eying the tree. The oak was like the other four town’s trees. The bark lacked dull wood tones and instead sparkled in the late sun.

“Darnedest thing I’ve seen.” The heyward leaned against his staff next to Arndt. “Found it while making my rounds Tuesday last week. Bit out of the way this spot. Can’t say when.”

Arndt nodded. Three weeks put it between Nerton and Bullmar. That fit. He moved forward, raising his hand. The talisman hummed. “I think it’s time I spoke with his lord.” Arndt tucked the talisman into his pocket.

The heyward shrugged. “Can’t say he’s been available of late.”

Arndt nodded. “Understood.” He followed the man to the hall.

Ardnt waited at the door until the steward appeared with a slow jerking gait. “His lordship isn’t available. Taken ill, I’m afraid. Try back in a week.”

“Then I will see the lady.” Arndt said. The steward opened his mouth and Arndt watched his brow furrow and eyes narrow. “Don’t try it.”

The steward’s mouth snapped shut. “Show him in,” a voice said from a chamber off the entry. The steward turned and Arndt followed him.

She stood in the room next to the window with curtains closed except for an edge she clutched. “Lady,” Ardnt said. She turned, her eyes catching the light and glittering like the tree. Yes, she was another, but which did the sickness take first? The tree or lady.

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