Spirit Guardian

The truth is I'm worth nothing to her alive

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write as part of a group based on the same short prompt and post them. Here’s my contribution.

The roses were a splash of oranges and yellows against grey stone. Her tear was almost lost in the rain. Almost.

Turning, I sighed. Orl waited. “They’d bring you back,” he said.

I snorted, shouldering past him. At least as much as an insubstantial being could.

“They would.” The words chased me. “You stopped the apocalypse.”

I paused, looking back. My trainer stood still, rain passing through him. She turned toward our. . . her car. “The truth is, I’m worth nothing to her alive. Spirits guard. Men die. I died. Let it go.” I said walking into the grey.

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