Sitting Room

You're one of them

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Amelie kept her eyes locked on the receptionist. The flick of the woman’s eyes, the pause before speaking, and the words were familiar. “You’re one of them.” Her tone, however, was not. The words were flat.

Amelie coughed clearing her throat. Where was the tremble of awe or the hush of fear? Instead this woman sounded almost bored. She waved vaguely toward the sitting area. Three chairs, two of which were taken. A terror and bugbear glowered at each other leaving the center seat open. She looked back to the receptionist, lips pulling back in slight snarl.

“What are you waiting for? Have a seat.” Amelie’s jerked into movement as if her legs refused to accept the dismissal, but the computer screen was reflected in the woman’s eyes, and she wouldn’t pay Amelie any more attention.

Amelie rolled her eyes. Indifferent and idiotic. Her favorite combination. Amelie flipped her hair and sashayed over to the chairs. The bugbear’s head swung toward her, red eyes narrowing.

Amelie smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear. The bugbears breath came out in a snort as it darted out of its seat, banging against the near wall. Amelie slide into the vacant seat, the creature scooting away.

Across the lobby the receptionist had looked up as the bugbear neared the divider. Her eyes were narrowed in a glower. Raising her hand Amelie shook her fingers at the woman. Huffing the receptionist returned to her screen. There had to be a better way through spaceport.

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