Seen and Unseen

Word Prompt: She was certain she was going to hell

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Red sat on the edge of the rickety, upper bridge watching the traffic on the lower bridge. Below she’d seem just another urchin child whiling away an unpromising day.

That was a lie. For that, and the others, she knew she was bound for darkness.

The priest walked below. Him, his riches, his fine adornments, and his disregard for the Circle’s rule.

Red shrieked, slipped off the bridge, and grabbed handholds to slow herself to land at the priest’s feet. She curled over her ankle and wailed.

She knew he’d be scowling. A scowl he’d suppress as the crowd gathered, gawking at them. He would play his part just as she played hers.

He knelt next to her. “Child allow me to bestow the Lord’s blessings upon you.”

Red looked up at him. “W-would you?” she stuttered.

The man glanced at the crowd. “It is my duty and my honor.” He placed his hand upon her head, clutched his talisman, and said the benediction.

At its conclusion, Red released her ankle and stood. “A miracle!” She darted for the shadows.

Gaodan waited in the nearby alley. “Did you get it?” Red grinned at him.

Geared and kicked at a chest near his feet. “I got it all right. And he’ll be none the wiser.” Gaodan had nicked the tithe while Red distracted. He should’ve just paid his dues.

A cry stirred in the street behind them. Red pulled out the priest’s talisman and held it up. “Oh, he’ll notice.”

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