Seen and Unheard

She'd got him wrong, but that was her loss

Welcome to Wednesday’s flash fiction wherein I write, as part of a group, a flash fiction based on the same short prompt and post the story. Here’s my contribution.

Rolum’s hand twitched above the controls as screen light exposed Min’s pointless hesitation. “Left path.” She didn’t need his mantra. He’s watched her accepted his hint.

Min stepped right and the passage doors sealed behind her.

Choice made.

He slumped in his chair rubbing at his face. “Not that way.” She’d got him wrong. Her loss, and his.

Speeding a message into the system he watched her communicator blink receiving it a heartbeat later. A light she ignored. Rolum threw his stress ball at the screen. What was the point of buying eyes for the maze if she ignored him.

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