She never wanted to be a cultist

This week we’re delving into a bit of fantasy with the flash fiction as the character searches. What have you wanted to find and dreaded?

The wind whistled as Lelia stood at the entrance to a cavern. The utter silence of the chamber told her she was too late. She lowered her bow and walked into the chamber. Water splashed as she walked through the tiny stream which ran across the floor and into a depression in the center of the chamber.

The shadows were different there, not the rock that surrounded her or the occasional discarded item she had followed to here. Lelia closed her eyes and breathed slowly. She didn’t want to look, but she had to. She forced her eyes open and raised her torch.

Junk. The light revealed discarded dishes, soaked firewood, bit of clothing, and other debris. She dropped to the ground as strength fled from her legs, drawn away by her relief. The oddities of life were before her, but not the remains of it. She still had time.

She crawled forward and started sorting through the rubble searching for a clue of where they’d gone next. Of where they’d taken Avigail. Lelia would find her and get her out. She’d never believe that her sister had wanted to join this cult. Not until she looked her in the eyes and heard the words from Avigail’s mouth. Probably not even then.

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