Rodents and Cowards

After the incident with the otters was resolved I felt a lot better

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I rubbed my eyes, trying to get them focused. Who knew rodents could cause such a ruckus? My boots thudding as I swung my feet onto the desk. Thankfully that was over.

Metal snicked behind me. My hands reflexively clenched the chair arms, but the hand on my shoulder kept me still. “Hello, Alvin,” a voice drawled.

I didn’t need to see him to know him. “Marion.” I released my grip as I said the name. “How you been?”

The muzzle was cold against the back of my neck. “How do you think I’ve been?” The words jumbled in their rush to escape. Yep, he was mad.

“Right annoyed I’d say.” I shrugged. “Me, I’m just relieved the whole otter fiasco is over.”

The gun pressed more firmly. “Over? Over? You ruined my life!”

Marion had a point. Misguided, but a point. He was on the outs, but that weren’t my doing. He’d been fool enough to release the buggers near the peers’ sea urchin spot on his own. And get caught at it.

The door banged open before I could argue the point. Marion’s grip loosened, and I turned. Sabel stood eyes wide and hands over her mouth. Thank the ancestors she hadn’t screamed.

Marion’s jerked away, making for the backdoor. After conking me. Groaning, I rolled from the chair and rush to the window. He was gone.

“Mr. Alvin, you alright?” Mable clutched my arm.

“Yeah, just not as over with everything as I’d thought.” I grunted. Otters.

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