How anyone could take umbrage at something so innocent

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Danny straddled the barrel reaching for the tank’s muzzle abandoned to the edge. City lights glowed distantly, but his goal shone brighter. Reaching for the stem growing from the muzzle, Danny yanked.

The flower was perfect. Forbidden. Dangerous. Twisting the stem, Danny watched shadows dance through the petals as the brilliant golden light followed his eyes. How anyone could take umbrage at something so innocent?

“Danny! Danny!” He glanced down. Wiley hopped, arms flapping at his sides. “You promised I could the first!” Danny frowned at the flower. Truly perfect. Not one ladybug munched petal. “You promised,” Wiley whined. Sighing, Danny tossed his brother the flower.

He shimmied up the muzzle, reaching for the last bloom sprouting from this tank and snatched the flower as garish white light hit is eyes.

“Stop there!” Danny flinched, shielding his eyes from garish white light. Wiley yelped, darting away. Shoes ground gravel as one guard chased him. The other kept the light on Danny. “Come down, son.”

Danny slide down the muzzle, grateful Wiley was gone and didn’t hear the yelp when he slipped sideways. Darkness surrounded him when he hit ground. Shoving up he took off into the edge. The guard chased, but the edge was Danny’s home. He knew it better.

Diving under an overturned giant pipe, he hid the flower in his jacket. The guard raced past and Danny let his heart beat slow before pulling the flower out. He stared entranced at his forbidden relic of the mage wars.

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