Reality Altered

She had never imagined this

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Lyse stood on the edge of the cliff with Andes beside her. Her face twitched trying to restrain her horror. Before them the valley burned in boiling fire which burbled in oranges, yellows, and blues. Lyse saw it and couldn’t believe it.

Andes turned flinging his arm toward the valley. “Now do you see what Ellys can do?”

Lyse glanced at him. She opened her mouth but couldn’t find the words and shook her head looking back. She knew she should condemn Ellys as the others wished. Condemn her and confine the powers.

And yet she could not.

Andes knew it before she could speak. “You’re still going to try and save her?”

Lyse raised her hands to grasp his, but he pulled back. “In all her life, she had never imagined this.” Lyse glanced to the valley. “She could never.”

“But she did.” The words were harsh, slapping nerves left raw since the magic twisted and stole her sister away. Changing her from the timid child she’d known. But Ellys was still her sister.

Lyse turned from Andres. “I’ll speak to her. I’ll stop this.” She stepped onto the trail leading below.

“And if you can’t?” he called after her.

Lyse paused but didn’t turn back. “Then that will be my burden alone.” Andres said nothing more.

Too quickly Lyse found herself at the fire’s edge. She reached out a hand to the flames. “Ellys,” she said. “I’m here.” The flames parted opening the path into the valley.

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