Questionable Morals

I’d offer you moral support, but I have questionable morals

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Lasym wished the only sound were the soft rustle of sand shifting over stone. He wished that, but the constant flick of nails against each other was dysrhythmic and nerve wracking. “Would you knock that off,” he snapped turning to face Ellel.

Eyes narrowing into an amused line, Ellel looked deliberately from Lasym to her hand and nails poised to clack once more. “This?” she asked falsely innocence and sending the tick through the chamber again.

“Yes, that.” Lasym turned back to the dias and etchings in it. “Unless you want to send the rest of eternity trapped in this cavern.”

“With me.” The words were a warning at her silence.

“Very well.” A brief hum followed her statement as Ellel shifted within the bounds Lasym’s spell.

Damnable foundling. If she hadn’t trialed him and triggered the seal, Laysym would’ve deciphered the glyphs slowly, methodically. So much for that, and all he knew was that the barrier demanded great morals. Tilting his head sideways he pinched his forehead between fingers.

And the lines shifted.

Straightening, Lasym motioned to Ellel. “Get over here.” He lengthened the spell’s leash as he spoke. Ellel looked up from her hand, poised by the stone next to her. And raised an eyebrow. “I need your morals.”

Ellel shrugged. “I’d offer you moral support, but I have questionable morals.”

Lasym grinned and yanked on the leach. She bolted toward him her nails barely raking over the stone. “Ah, but the gates after shifty ones. You’re perfect.”

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