You are on a crowded subway when you see a familiar face

Welcome to Time Warp Saturday. I join the WonHundred Word Wednesday group after it had begun. For the several weeks I will be doing posts for the prompts from before I began. Here is my entry for March 26, 2014.

“You see a familiar face.” As I spoke, the train’s rocking shifted the crowd and she spotted him. She gasped with old regret. That wouldn’t do. “He misses you too.” It was a spark of hope, still it got her moving. Spotting her, he grinned hesitantly. I refused to watch further.

Lifting my hand from the iridescent waters of the saucer, I broke my connection to the couple and blinked into the darkness of my existence. I should’ve rejoiced. Their reunion was repayment toward my debt. But only one grain of the mountain I owed. Being cupid was my hell.

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