Promises Made in Haste

Word Prompt: I won't hate you

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Janessa knew better than to trust Finy’s declaration of “I won’t hate you!” But standing in the shade of the rubber castle as the swings creaked nearby, she wanted to. Too much of her short life had been spent alone, and the chance to share her wonder proved over tempting.

Besides, she’d spent weeks building a repertoire with Finy. Reaching into her right pocket she gently held her fingers in a scooped position.

A sharp prick sliced into her third finger. “Hey,” she hissed. Not looking up she missed the slight draw to Finy’s brow. The one that implied Finy wasn’t certain she wasn’t a tad touched.

Alas, she didn’t see. A short scuffle later she pinned the creature between her hand and leg. Closing her fingers about it, she drew it out keeping it between both hands.

Licking her lips, Janessa paused teetering once more on the wisdom of this. Finy, however, had schooled his expression to mild curiosity. Raising her hands, she carefully lifted the top one.

A puff of smoke spurted into Finy’s face, and the boy screamed. It cleared revealing the dragon which easily curled in her palm yawning to show its teeth.

Finny’s eyes widen. He wheeled his arms about and spinning, he screamed as he took off as if a horde chased him.

“Dragon! Dragon!”

Janessa frowned at her small change before tucking it back into her pocket. At least she’d left the imp at home. Maybe this time they wouldn’t call her possessed.

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