Pixies and Bones

I put my hand on the handle

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

The metal was cool as I grasped the handle. Odd since until a few moments ago it had been bathed in pixie flames. “Of course. Those were illusions. I could have walked past any time,” I grumbled.

“Mmm, I wouldn’t go that far,” A voice said beside my ear. Twisting my head, I looked cross-eyed at the creature plopping down on my shoulder. I opened my mouth but she cut me off. “You convinced me of the im-por-tance of your errand.” She stressed each syllable flippantly.

“That didn’t mean you should come with me,” I muttered.

“Too bad.” Her voice was singsong as she rocked backward nearly rolling off my shoulder. “I made up my mind. I’m gonna help.”

What little she had of a mind. “Fine,” I grumbled. “Just be quite.”

She straightened up and saluted me before descending into giggles she suppressed by pressing her hands over her mouth.

I sighed. One day had been lost getting her to let me pass. I wasn’t going to lose a second. Leaning back, I heaved the door open and peered into the passage beyond. Somewhere down there was the scroll. Blasted wizards should have fetched it themselves. Not sent me.

Sighing, I straightened my pack and descended. Rounding the first corner, I froze. But a voice squealed too loudly for her body. “Skeletons!”

The animated bones turned toward me reaching for their ancient weapons only magic could have preserved. Maybe I should have lost the day to leave her behind.

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