On Cherry Blossom Moons

Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day 2020 is here! To celebrate I have a new story for you all. May you find your cherry blossom moon today.

Trire breathed in the fragrance of cherry blossoms clinging to her tongue. They were ready. But was she? She stretched reaching for the lowest branches of the cherry tree, covered in blossoms. The soft white, petals glowed a she ran her fingers over them. The shine coalescing into balls hovering at the bloom. Trire cupped her hands around the largest and the rippling light withdrew back into the blossom leaving a moon glowing in her hands.

The moon was yellow. She could see the couple the moon existed to illuminate. Their night was perfect, calm with a chorus of crickets singing peace to them. She curled her fingers around the moon, trying to hold onto it. How could she release it to shine imperfect light on their night? Damn Edire.

She closed her eyes, allowing the moon to drift from her hands. To contain her spheres was more impossible than controlling his actions. Opening her eyes, she saw the moon traveling lazily away. Pressing two fingers to her lips, Trire wish the couple more luck with love than she had found and reached for the next moon. Edire or not, she had work to do and a yellow moon was better than none.

“Hello, Trire.” She froze, her muscles shaking with the sudden tension. She kept still as she twisted her head to look at the man himself. Edire leaned blithely against a column marking the beginning of her orchard.

The moon plopped into her hands, the yellow light flaring in her tightening grip. “Leave.” The moon slipped away. Trire turned to watch the flustered departure and shook her head.

“Oh don’t be like that love.” He leaned forward, pressing his hand against the barrier.

“I am not your love.” She shook her head taking a step backward. “I never was.”

He tsked. “You know I promised you my heart.”

“That presupposes you had one.” She folded her arms as Edire straightened, his eyebrows rising. “Leave,” she repeated.

“Love,” he said again. How she hated him using that word. He twisted it with his voice alone.

She turned away and raised trembling hands to the next moon. The casing slipped away, and the moon plopped, a sodden gray, into her hands. “See love. You need me. I’ll help your heart glow again.” Wrapping her arms around the moon she held it close.

The moon was cold and chilled her core. Drawing a breath, she drew the chill into her heart. She shown not to be seen but illuminate. Just as her moons illuminated those meant to be bound together.

Looking into the moon again she shifted her gaze from the couple this creation was meant for. Instead she saw the king standing at his window. The space beside him was empty. How could she have let Edire distract her? Oh, her moons had shown, but he’d been the thief taking those most important.

Placing her hands above and beneath the moon she kissed the orb. Light flared, the moon turning pure white. Releasing her grip she sent the orb into the air, and turned toward Edire. Her smile was thin and her eyes narrow. He watched the moon drift away behind her, his own mouth thin with a frown.

“Your assistance is not necessary,” Trire said. She raised her hand a wave of light pulsed toward him, striking his chest and sending him sliding backwards. “My orchard is close to you.”

Edire straightened, brushing unseen dirt from his trousers. “We shall see.” He grinned at her over his shoulder as he disappeared into the dark.

Trire unclenched her fist and returned to her trees. There were more to illuminate this night.

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