She told him he looked a lot like his father

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

The door swung shut, slamming against Amos as he hesitated on the threshold. He shuffled forward, crossed the room, and plopped his elbows on the bar. Leaning forward, he stared at the Tender, Lloyd, around the other patrons.

Lloyd nodded to him, disentangled himself from a conversation and ambled over. Too slowly. He knew something.

Amos swung his gaze briefly to Daed sitting hunched over as if catastrophe had struck. “What’s wrong with, Daed?” He asked as Lloyd arrived.

Lloyd shrugged. “Ash just left.”

“Ash?” Amos slapped the bar. “She’s back.”

Lloyd nodded. “Spelled in just after the midnight watch retired.”

Amos whistled. “Early then.”

Lloyd nodded. His gaze swinging away said he knew more still.

“How’d she not help his mood?” Amos resisted the urge to look again.

Lloyd shrugged non-committedly. “Eh, an off remark.”

“What remark?” Amos felt the beginning of suspicion prick his mind.

Lloyd sighed and leaned forward, one finger tapping the bar nervously. “She told him he looked a lot like his father.”

Amos whistled softly. Unable to resist further, he peaked at Daed. “She doesn’t know… Right?”

“How could she?”

Amos nodded and turned back to Lloyd. “So, who gets to talk to him?”

Lloyd held up his hands. “I did last time.”

“Well, I–” The Tender’s eyes narrowed as Amos began speaking. “Yeah, my turn.”

He rapped the counter once and turned toward Dead. In the few strides to the table, he pondered how to best comfort a parentless, mage’s construct. Sorceresses.

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