Obvious Suspect

It was burning before I arrived

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I tapped my lips pondering the flames. While I thought they accentuated the gray brick brilliantly, I knew most wouldn’t agree. How had this happened?

Darkness rippled beside me. Kaomas placed a hand on my shoulder stepping from the shadows. Surveying the library, his brows drew together. “What did you do?” He would assume that I’d done it just because I was of fire.

I scowled, my nose twitching from the tight scrunch. “It was burning before I arrived.” He glanced at me sideways. “It was!”

He shrugged. The movement was uncommitted disbelief. “Then who did?”

I rolled my eyes. My protest stopped when I spotted a figured racing from the building. I thought the humans were clear, but there she was patting at sparks singeing her bag’s strap.

The firelight caught a scaled head poking out. I gasped straightening. A dragonling! He was looking at the woman. No doubt speaking to her. She shoved him into the bag as others approached them.

Grabbing Kaomas’ sleeve, I tugged and pointed. The fabric singed under my touch, falling to pieces. He glowered, looking from the cloth to me. “Okay, that was me, but–”

Light glinted sideways and Ressa appeared. “Arelind!” She shrieked, “what did you do?” She pointed accusingly at the building. Her too.

I rolled my eyes looking from Ressa to the crowd. The woman had disappeared. I threw my hands up and stomped away. Finding a dragonling was more important than their pointless lecture. I hadn’t done it.

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