Not How It Works

We need more explosives

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

“We need more explosives!” Gage rubbed his hands together, and I could only describe his expression as gleeful.

“No.” I managed to restrain myself from stomping my foot. “We’ve already burned down half the county.” I gestured to the picture window behind me clearly displaying blackened ground and the red and blue lights still flashing in the distance.

“Now’s the perfect time then.” He jabbed his finger at the sky, swiveling on his feet. “There’s nothing left to ignite out there.”

I slapped my hand over face, the sound echoing in the chamber but failing to halt his movement. I dragged my hand down in exasperation. “That’s not how it works!” The door to the laboratory swished open. I had to figure out how he’d hacked away my ability to lock that.

I looked at the white ceiling tiles and counted them quickly again. Screaming as I chased would only ensure he ignored my reason. Dropping my head, I breathed out and marched toward the lab. I, and the firefighters, weren’t paid enough for this.

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