He could hear everything, but dare not open his eyes

Another Wednesday, another flash fiction. Enjoy the story!

Bolts striking, metal and crete cracking, voices screaming to each other. Jannes could hear it all. The different scents of flame melded into a cacophony of odors. His shoulders tensed with the desire to look, to search for danger, to protect himself.

Balling his fists against them, he kept his eyes closed, trusting, barely, his friends to keep him safe as his mind strained outward through the T-system.


“Jannes?” a voice said barely discernable through the din around him.

“Lynne,” he thought desperately, mouthing the words to focus, “you need to send the ships now.”

“Look out,” a voice screamed in the room with him. The body smashed into him pushing him away from the system, the headband barely staying on. Jannes opened his eyes to see Delsin on the ground next to him. Grunting as he looked at his singed shoulder.

A mash of noise entered his head. A twist. A burst of vertigo. He turned toward the T-system to see a smoking blob of controls. Where had that reflected from? Any chance he had of hearing more was gone as was the connection.

“Are they coming?” Delsin grunted as he pushed himself up next to Jannes offering him a gun.

Shrugging Jannes took the weapon and shrugged. “Only time can answer that one.”

Delsin shrugged back. “Might as well keep giving them a message while we wait.” Together they rejoined the fight.

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