Tightening the grip on the handle of the saw

Redava glowered at the pendant lying on the table reflecting the glint hanging above. She snorted tightening the grip on the handle of the saw while ignoring the growing pile of broken blades shoved to the back of the table.

The Sepero seal glinted mockingly from the disc she’d seen hanging from the Emerald Lord’s neck since his father had placed it there three springs back. A sign he’d come of age and gained his lord’s approval.

Redava snorted. A signed the elder Sepero had lost his sense and Redava had gained a valuable mark and a way to humiliate the young lord. She’d return the broken pieces once she’d gained the information within. If she could figure out how to access the information within.

Her wrist ached as she adjusted the pendant on the table. She ignored it bringing the blade to bare. Three strikes in and the blade broke again. Tossing the instrument onto the table, Redava hooked her ankles around the front two legs and leaned back, rubbing her hands over her thighs.

The metal shone as immaculate as ever.

“Wrong move pendant.” The stool scrapped over the ground as she stood. “Next I’m letting Fulka loose on you.” She grinned turning away. Once she had it, she could do more than merely mock the lord and his kin.

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