Word Prompt: The evil glint in her eye was disconcerting

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

After a lifetime spent watching, dodging, or joining in Marieri’s adventures, I knew better equipped than most how to handle her spirits. Still, on that rainy night, the evil glint in her eye was disconcerting.

She interrupted her own quiet sitting at her window when she turned to me. I suppose her missing grin clued me into her distress. Her words didn’t calm my nerves either.

“Perhaps the rain shall increase the chances of finding an asrai?” She bit her lip at this. No doubt waiting for my response.

I sputtered for a moment trying to think of one. “Why… why would you want to hunt for one?”

Marieri spun her hand about in grand circles. “The excitement! The notoriety! The rumored treasure.” Her last statement contained the least excitement and betrayed her current state of mind. Distress. Marieri neither cared for, nor had need of treasure.

I set my embroidery on the table and drummed my fingers over the wood picked at the rest.

A loud crinkling snapped my attention back Marieri as she shoved some parchment out of sight. Ahh, that was why.

“First, the rumors state the treasure is a trap to drown careless mortals.” I held up my finger before she could protest. “Second, an asrai hunt is not an acceptable method of getting out of meeting nor dissuading a potential suitor.”

Harrumphing, Marieri scowled before staring out the window again, and I knew I was right. Time to be on guard for her next plot.

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