Luck’s Whim

Word Prompt: Was it simply luck

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

Arles aspired to die in Maldune one day. Admittedly he hoped that day to be very, very distant with much to achieve before that even became a possibility. First, join the Heroes Guild. Second, become a legend. Joining had proven challenging enough, but he’d made it within Maldune’s walls. Surely the retired heroes here could teach him.

Arles closed his eyes and breathed in. The rarest fruits, breads, and sweetmeats. A banquet to the quarters: the poor, cramped sections of Holeon’s cities. And the sunlight. Arles bathed in it pouring from high windows.

“You’re Arles, correct?” a brisk voice asked.

A matron with tightly braided hair tapped her foot impatiently before him. “Yes ma’am,” he said.

She spun on her heal. “You’ll be working with Efrix. Fair warning, she’s a surly one.” She rattled off directions Arles barely paid mind to before halting before a doorway and turning to him abruptly. “Don’t require further assistance.”

A bell chimed in the hallway behind. Huffing the matron bolted away.

He paused, glancing at the doorway. Efrix’s doorway. She was legendary for the battle of Galish if nothing else. Defeating that monstrous hoard had been… Arles couldn’t even think of words to describe that feat.

Was it simply luck he’d been assigned to Efix? Surely she’d know the secret to becoming a hero. He eased open the door. “Lady Efrix?”

“Get out!” Efrix roared. Jumping back, a bowl she’d thrown clattered loudly in the hallway. Perhaps he should have headed the matron’s warnings.

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