Lost and Found

I moved to stop him in his tracks

“This is it.” Eric’s voice echoed loudly pulling my attention from the books I’d shuffled about, trying not to read. Eric held an unraveled scroll as his eyes darted over it quickly drinking in the text.

No. Oh all the… I bite curse before it could cross my lips or mind. No telling what effect that powerful thought would have here. Why had this been the Arcanum of Zashier’s dozens to hold the invocation spell?

Probably the same as stumbling across Eric in the Eritral Wastes to begin with.

Dropped the heavy tome in my hands, I moved to stop him in his tracks. Bracing myself within the doorway, I cringed as he bumped into me and the parchment brushed against my skin. Oh, there was power here.

“Zashier lost this place for a reason.” I drew my brows together trying to mentally plea sense into his head. “The scroll should remain.”

“No.” He clutched the parchment to his chest. “I won’t surrender Castrial to the void.”

I shook my head. “Castrial’s wizards condemned themselves by reopening the Arcanum secrets. Do worsen things yet.”

Eric slammed his palm into my chest. My fingers scrapped over the rough stone, barely holding. “No,” he screamed. Light crackled in his eyes as he drank in the power of the place.

Damnation. Yanking at the power myself, I pulled a sleep spell at us hoping to awaken again this eon with his sanity restored. Or at least before him.

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