Little Things

Little things seemed to matter an awful lot to them

Wednesday has come around again and I’m happy to present this week’s flash fiction.

I hadn’t known what to expect when inspecting the Crendamma House. No one had. No one had passed the red gates in my parent’s memories. Only the queen’s oath of expulsion had granted, grudgingly, this inspection.

Still, I hadn’t expected rickety furniture and dusty rooms instead of wealth. But that was what the Custodian had shown me. At least until we’d reaching the central chamber. He’d grown fidgety the moment I’d insisted entry and hovered as I stood beside a table rivaling the queen’s in grandeur. Rivaling and surpassing.

It wasn’t the polished, etched wood absent a speck of dust. The marquise cut gems scattered across the surface were enthralling. I’d seen wealth before. More than this even, but there was something about the stones.

I reached toward a diamond, the custodian coughing as my hand hovered. Tilting my head, I watched stars sparkled at the center of the stone. I brushed the stone, rolling it.

“Don’t!” the Custodian squeaked. Shoving my hand away, he resettled the stone. Little things mattered an awful lot to him.

I rolled my eyes. “I’m her majesties inspector. I am required to examine everything here”

“Then examine with your eyes.” The man hmphed and folded his arms. “Why don’t I show you the kitchens.”

I glowered. “We’ll leave when I’m satisfied.” I snatched a stone for closer inspection and the man wailed. The air wailed about us.

“Now you’ve done it!” the Custodian bellowed as a shimmering circle appeared in the chamber.

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